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After more than 30 years working with dogs, managing the RSPCA’s rescue centre in the 1980s and being a past registered breeder of ST Bernard dogs, we have a keen understanding of the challenges associated with keeping their long under belly dry and free from grass seeds.
Living in the Dandenong Ranges outside of Melbourne, where long grass and seeds are in abundance, having 5 large ST Bernard dogs (plus those who followed) presented a challenge; time consuming and physically draining cleaning routines.
With the ever-evolving growth of our fur bundles being considered now as family members, it became the perfect time to address this problem. In 2014, the first pattern was produced. During this time, Sunday, our beloved long-haired German Shepherd became a part of our family. This became another motivating factor to release our Doggy Dungarees, allowing Sunday to stay dry and free of grass seeds without curbing her desire to romp around in the long grass and mud all year round.
We researched and tested many different designs and fabrics for movability, durability and weatherproofing before choosing the fabrics used in our products today. We are pleased to advise the design is completely noninvasive. Sizing our Doggy Dungarees proved challenging but we have confidence that our sizes fit most dogs and if the need arises, we can custom make one to fit your fur bundle, even three legged dogs! We are proud to say we are Australia's original weatherproof pants for dogs.
Doggy Dungarees are currently sold at markets and boutique pet stores Australia wide, and ship Internationally. Please get in contact with us with any queries you may have.

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